Craig Taylor

Painting of 8 wooden crosses in the ground

Welcome to the other mind of Rogal

In a dark, quiet studio, not too far far away, Rogal silently and diligently strives to interpret the hidden world of an eclectic mind and to interpret those visions on canvas in its various 3-dimensional forms and perspectives.

A window in to the mind of Rogal, and Craig Taylor

Painting with a dead tree and skulls

About Rogal, the mind

From the start I feel I probably had a wee bit of a creative output (it probably started in my nappies – where were my gas masks at the time ?????)

It started with finger painting, play-doh then leading onto clay. Down the track oils were, and still are, a brilliant medium upon which I enjoy to use and manipulate. In my early teens airbrushing became an entirely new fascination upon which I still prolifically use in many works and love to push its boundaries in any way I can achieve. This tool of the trade lies dearly in what I try to achieve outside my normal logic.

Further down the track I was extremely fortunate to encounter two brilliantly minded people who were running a course on special effects, Rick and Charmaine Connelly of Connelly Make-up FX Team . Their company has been credited with some major filmworks in the industry. The course seriously changed my concept of the art medium and my fascination for experimenting on all levels went through the stratosphere. Connelly FX had a course upon which I undertook – Rick himself, in my eyes, is a brilliant sculpture and recreator of the human form. Within this course we were taught to do body parts, castings, recreations and obviously the gory hieroglyphics – Yeeha!

Years have passed and I have experimented with a lot of the products that FX Connelly introduced to my medium vocabulary. To me they work because I have always had the interest in pushing boundaries, left, right, up, down - I salute them!

Craig Taylor, on seat with axe, a painting and green plants

About Craig Taylor, the artist

As one of the growing clan of professional local artists in Orange, and around the Central West of New South Wales, I present to you an alternative and eclectic take on accepted artwork via painted, sprayed and 3-dimensional formats. It comes from my heart and my beliefs, with great respect to our ANZAC forefathers, as well as offering cross-over genres in thinking.  

I am a country boy at heart and am based in Orange, NSW Australia. Working as a tradie, I do a hard day's yakka, wearing bloody heavy boots, getting my fingers, hands and knees dirty and sore - but it's been that way all my fortunate life, that's why I enjoy the escapism of letting my imagination run wild, adventuring into the dark side with extreme artwork, and awakening people's senses.

Oil painting of a dragon called Goodbye Blue Sky

Tricks of the Trade

The mediums for 3D skulls and faces of man comprise various elements of latex, foam and polyester clay.

They are designed solely as easel standing pieces due to the weight of some of the pieces. Direct sunlight can deteriorate the elements in latex but with experimentation and practice I have preserved these pieces with a combination of polyester resin, coated with polyurethane clear, so they will stand the test of time; various works are more than 9 years old and still look great!

.... Beware, there are more to come!

Painting called Pink Amoeba
Painting of dead soldier on barbed wire

A tribute to the fallen - remembering the ANZACs, 100 years on

As a native of ANZAC blood, born and raised in New Zealand and Australia, we remember the fallen and those who returned, from The Great War in 1914-1918 and all other horrific wars our men and women have fought and died in for their country. It seems appropriate now that we can pay homage to these great souls by exhibiting The Sandbaggers collection.

The Sandbaggers, in themselves, purvey the sadness, the bravado, the horror, the colour, the darkness, the nightmare and futility of war. They embody the short-lived arrogance of victory, the traumatic devastation of loss, and the value of life which is so easily forgotten by those who run their precious wars from inside their safe, soft, warm dungeons.

red poppyRogal and Craig Taylor honour our fallen heroes and those who returned to their new and forever changed lives, and we salute our ANZAC legends in 2015.

Painting of bubbles in oil

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