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Rogal's World

Airbrush of colours

The world of Rogal transports you on a journey in to a mind of colours, shapes, textures and imagery like you've not seen before ....

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2015- Play gets underway for Craig Taylor's alter ego - "Rogal"

Ozzie's Last Stand

This is the online world and Rogal is now in your face!

Rogal is taking itself to the world and ongoing new works will appear in these pages as Rogal's alter-ego, Craig Taylor, works through his imagination, from the raw, subtle beginnings to the complexities and depths of the far recesses.

Influence is derived from a number of sources and we're sure you'll find some works in here that will confront, distract and endear you to the world hiding inside the mind of Rogal. Food for thought.

About Rogal

Sandbagger 6 - over the top

In a quiet, dark studio, not too far far away Rogal silently and diligently strives to interpret the hidden world of an eclectic mind and to interpret those visions on canvas in its various 3-dimensional forms and perspectives.