A tribute to the fallen - remembering the ANZACs, 100 years on

As a native of ANZAC blood, born and raised in New Zealand and Australia, we remember the fallen and those who returned, from The Great War in 1914-1918 and all other horrific wars our men and women have fought and died in for their country. It seems appropriate now that we can pay homage to these great souls by exhibiting The Sandbaggers collection.

The Sandbaggers, in themselves, purvey the sadness, the bravado, the horror, the colour, the darkness, the nightmare and futility of war. They embody the short-lived arrogance of victory, the traumatic devastation of loss, and the value of life which is so easily forgotten by those who run their precious wars from inside their safe, soft, warm dungeons.

Rogal and Craig Taylor honour our fallen heroes and those who returned to their new and forever changed lives, and we salute our ANZAC legends in 2015.

Fallen Comrade

A note from the artist ...

"My concept for the Sandbagger series originated a fair time before I started painting, as I frequently saw movie images of trench warfare in many documentary features, which fascinated me as the whole aspect of the grainy black & white footage of both armies running and falling seemed almost comical."

"It reminded me of all the mad movies we used to watch as kids from the Hollywood studios, performed by the likes of Harold Lloyd, Fatty Arbuckle and Charlie Chaplin."

"That was fantasy - this other footage was, regrettably, reality."

"In my interpretations I've tried to capture one single moment from these times from both sides; neither side was right, and neither was wrong. My paintings show both sides of the conflict with characteristic long hair, no eyes and a youthful enthusiasm (which was short-lived)."

- Craig Taylor, artist

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